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Some lawyers are required by courts to turn in a special report through LEDES invoices. 

To turn this feature on, please follow the steps below:

1) Go to your settings page, and click on "Invoice Options", or click here

2) Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the "LEDES Invoicing" section found under the "Show More Options" button. Turn on the option to "Enable LEDES 98B Invoices" as seen below.

     *Note* You can also decide if you want the UTBMS Task Codes required for all time entries using the second option. 

3) To select a specific set of codes you may be required to use, turn on the "Use UTBMS Task Codes" option, then select the specific codes your firm is required to use. Then, click "Save".

 4) When adding a new time entry, you will see a brand new field called "UTBMS Task Code". Simply use the drop down to select the specific code needed for this time entry. Then, click "Save". 

What happens now?

5) After you save and open an invoice, you will have a new option found under the "Actions" button called "Download as LEDES". This will download the necessary report to be turned in to whomever requires it.


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