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Release Notes - March 30, 2023
Release Notes - March 30, 2023
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You asked, we responded! To kick off the year, we addressed some of the most popular user requests. This update includes enhancements to tasks, invoices, grids, and integrations. Check out the details below to see all of the quality of life updates included in this release.

✋ = Feature Suggestion

🐛 = Bug Fix


  • ✋ Speed and performance across PracticePanther has been significantly improved.

  • The navigation bar New button is now white, allowing for greater clarity.

  • A default intake form to use as a starter template for intake processing is now available for new firms

  • Date validations across PracticePanther now accept non-American date formats.

  • 🐛 Addressed a 500 error that would occasionally come up when logging into PracticePanther.

Contact & Matters

  • Phone number fields will now have the proper formatting system-wide.

    • Ex: (123) 555-1111

  • The custom matter rate field now properly displays the name of the custom rate in the matters grid.

  • Matters and Contacts can now be Unarchived by clicking on the Bin icon at the top of the record.


  • Tasks now have a ‘Task Completed Date’ that will automatically populate when a task’s status becomes ‘Complete’.

  • New Note was added to the Activity ‘New’ button.

  • In order to improve security across PracticePanther, .Exe and .Msi file types can no longer be uploaded to an Activity.

  • 🐛 Users will now receive email notifications when new tasks are assigned to them by another user as expected.

  • 🐛 All Day events are now properly aligned to the users' time zone as expected.


  • Matters on multi-matter invoices can now be organized. Choose between matter name or matter number; the invoice will be displayed in the selected order.

  • Invoice line items will now remain saved in the order they are set to, if modified by the user.

  • 🐛 Flat fee credits can now be used to fully pay off invoices.

  • 🐛 Resolved an issue where invoices with a price of $1,000 or more in different languages and currencies would sometimes fail to generate.

  • 🐛 The Billed By dropdown menu on invoices will no longer occasionally display [object Object] when clearing the data.


  • ‘Unapplied Amount’ is a new reportable grid column for matters that shows the amount of operating credit that that has not yet been applied to invoices for that matter.


  • The Box integration can now only be re-sync’d by the original user who sync’d Box.

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