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How do I write and print checks in PracticePanther?
How do I write and print checks in PracticePanther?

Writing checks directly from PracticePanther.

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PracticePanther is able to fully prepare and print checks directly from within the software. These can be used to easily deduct any amount of money from any of your Operating or Trust accounts. Whether it's to provide a refund for your client or pay a third party directly, PracticePanther's got you covered.

Watch the video tutorial:

Both hard cost expenses and trust expenses (using the "Take Money Out" retainer option) can provide an option to print checks on PracticePanther.

1) Click here to review how to pay out expenses from the trust account on behalf of the client using the "Take Money Out" option if needed.ย 

2) Click here to review how to record a hard cost expense for your firm if needed.

To learn how to print your first checks for these expenses, follow these simple steps:

1) Click here, or click "More" on the top, then hover over "Bank Accounts" and click "Print Checks". A button for this is also located on the "Bank Accounts" and "Payments" pages.

2) Select which account you wish to see the print queue for. Then, check off the boxes to the left of each check you wish to print.

Note: If you need to purchase new checks, you can easily order new checks from QuickBooks using the "Order Checks" button any time.ย 

3) Scroll down and enter the check number your checks in the printer are starting with. Then, select which type of checks you have, and click "Print".

4) Clicking "Print" will download a PDF to your computer (as seen below). Open the PDF, then right click anywhere on the page and click "Print".

5) Important: Make sure "Fit to page" is NOT checked. This is to insure that all text will fall into the correct spaces on the checks.

6) Insure that the correct printer is selected and click "Print".


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