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Changing font size on invoices

Changing the font size on your invoices to better present them.

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Note: the feature presented within this article is available on all of our paid subscription plans. To learn more, please click here.

On PracticePanther, you are able to adjust a variety of elements within your invoices. 

Please follow these steps to use our custom CSS settings to adjust the font size on your invoices:

1) Navigate to "Settings".

2) Click "Invoice Options".

3) Click "Edit" under the desired invoice template.

4) Scroll down and click "Show More Options".

5) Scroll past all of the invoice field options until you come to "Custom Invoice Theme". This is the CSS code box that we will use to make specific adjustments to your invoices. CSS is mostly used for things like changing font size, color and style.

5) Copy and paste the following code so that it looks like the following screenshot:
     body, p, ul, li, label{font-size: 16px;}

6) Adjust the highlighted number above up or down to increase or decrease the font size. The default size that PracticePanther begins with is 13. 

7) Click "Save".

What Happens Now?

Open any invoice to see if you like the font size you've selected. Repeat steps 1-7 as needed.

Note for reference: the above screenshot is the preview of an invoice with a font size of 20. 


Pro-Tip: To learn how to adjust the size of your firm's logo on any invoice, click here.

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