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Adding overdue balances from your previous software
Adding overdue balances from your previous software

How do I add Overdue Balances from my previous software?

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Switching over from your old software to PracticePanther is easy, and so is pulling in past balances your clients still owe you. 

To add previous balances to your contacts in PracticePanther, follow the steps below:

1) Open any contact or matter.

2) Click "New" on the top right, then "Invoice".

3) Click "Generate Invoice" on the pop-up window that appears.

4) Scroll down on the invoice construction page and click the "Add Line" button, then "Flat Fee" or any other category.

5) Fill out the name and description however you like. We recommend including the date range for the work that is past due in the description.

6) In the "Price" column, put the amount your client owed you on the previous software.

7) Click "Save".


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