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Release Notes - September 26, 2023
Release Notes - September 26, 2023

Updates to timekeeper summaries and invoice features, as well as 35+ bug fixes.

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Hello everyone,

We are excited to share our September update for PracticePanther, which features a number of bug fixes, performance improvements, and updates to some of our recent features including the Default Invoice Template and Additional Invoice Recipients.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. If you have any issues with PracticePanther, please reach out to our support team.

New & Exciting

  • Timekeeper Summaries

    • To provide additional flexibility, Timekeeper summaries can now be toggled between two modes: Include or Exclude Time Entry Write-Downs on timekeeper totals on invoices.

      • Users now have the option to exclude write-downs from total hours calculations, improving billing accuracy.

      • Write-downs are excluded by default, but users can control this on the invoice template to support their current practice.

  • Trust Accounting

    • To support trust accounting best practices, firms can now choose to prohibit trust balances from having a negative balance.

      • Creating a payment that would cause a contact or matter's trust balance to go below $0.00 will display an error to the user which must be corrected.

      • This option can be controlled in Firm Settings.

  • Invoices

    • Invoices now support quantities and hours exceeding 1,000 for Expenses, Time Entries, and Flat Fees.

      • Ex: 1,000 miles charged for travel or 1,000 pages copied.


  • Sorting by a column on a grid will now persist when the page is reloaded.

  • The Referral menu on the sidebar has been updated.


  • Contact type custom fields are now available on All Contacts and Primary Contacts grid views providing increased access to all relevant contact information.

  • Fixed an issue when creating a new contact through a custom field that would result in the recently added 'Invoice Recipient' field to be duplicated.

  • The ‘Assigned To’ field on Contacts is now exporting as expected.


  • Users can now clear their 'Originating Attorney' field on a matter if it had been previously populated.


  • Default Invoice Template

    • An invoice with no default template for the matter, will now use the default template for the contact.

    • Addressed an issue that sometimes applied the wrong template when using the new Default Invoice Template feature for contacts and matters.

    • The Invoice Templates column on the invoices grid can now be sorted as expected.

  • Additional Invoice Recipients

    • A contact will now remain as an Additional Invoice Recipient, even if the Contact’s relationship to the invoice is no longer valid.

    • New contacts can now be created directly from the Default Invoice Recipient dropdown menu.

  • Invoice Categories (Flat Fees, Time Entries, and Expenses) will now pluralize or de-pluralize depending if there is only a single item available in that menu.

  • The Download LEDES option on the invoice details screens of multi-matter invoices is now available.

  • The "Deposit To" field on invoices is now displayed correctly depending upon a firm's use of PantherPayments.

Business Text Messaging

  • A new signup flow is available for Sole Proprietor businesses that allows them to submit their data without needing corporate information they would not normally have available.

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