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Release Notes - December 7, 2023
Release Notes - December 7, 2023
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Hey Panthers,

Today's update contains some quality of life updates, as well as crucial bug fixes.

New & Exciting

  • The Date field on Time Entries, Flat Fees, and Expenses can now be bulk edited.


  • Browser cache and cookies will now remember which type of messages (SMS or Secure) the user last visited, and will default to that option.

Bug Fixes

  • Events that are set to 'Private' will now properly display their details information in the side bar for the creating user.

  • When a workflow emails assignees their tasks, they will now display the proper due date, rather than the date the workflow was generated.

  • Editing 'All Day' conditional Tasks will no longer assign a time to those Tasks.

  • The character limit on Contacts & Matters syncing to Quickbooks has been expanded, preventing an issue where some records would become duplicated when syncing.

  • Sorting has been improved on the modern Matters grid with the 'Billed by', 'Created by' and 'Originated by' columns.

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