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Release Notes - February 28, 2024
Release Notes - February 28, 2024
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Hey Panthers!

This week's release includes quality of life enhancements to Tasks, the Modern Matters grid, and the Additional Invoice Recipient feature! Additionally, there are major improvements to performance when generating large invoices, automations for LEDES billing, and bug fixes.

βœ‹ = User requested update

New & Exciting

  • βœ‹ Matter Totals Row - A new total row in the Modern Matters grid displays the sum of all values in a given column, based on the active filters, supporting quick access to vital summary information about matter finances.

  • βœ‹ Bulk Edit Task Options - The following information on Tasks can now be updated via the Bulk Edit option, saving users time and effort when editing batches of Tasks:

    • Due Date

    • Completed Date

    • Status


  • Invoice Generation Performance - In order to streamline the billing experience, performance for creating and accessing invoices with many line items has been significantly enhanced.

  • Invoice Access Performance - The invoice management experience was enhanced with improvements to the delete and restore functions, significantly improving the speed and reliability of these actions.

LEDES Billing

  • βœ‹ Automate Timekeeper ID - In order to save time and improve reliability of LEDES billing, when the Timekeeper ID on a LEDES Export is blank, PracticePanther will now automatically input the proper format of the users' name to meet the LEDES acceptance criteria.

  • Expense activity codes for LEDES now properly export as expected.

Bug Fixes

  • Bulk editing Email Activities will no longer impact the Email Date.

  • Editing the Task Due Date field will no longer set the Due Time to 12p.

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