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Release Notes - March 12, 2024
Release Notes - March 12, 2024
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Hey Panthers!

This week's release includes optimizations for invoices and bug fixes, including an update for Quickbooks.


  • Viewing and printing invoices is now faster, making your billing process more efficient, especially for invoices with an Evergreen Balance.

  • When downloading invoices, you will no longer encounter issues with duplicate invoices being saved, ensuring your records stay accurate and streamlined.

Bug Fixes

  • Quickbooks will now sync more consistently and reliably, addressing the need for a manual reset.

  • Fixed an issue when exporting to CSV would add a space to the beginning of date fields, ensuring seamless uploads to other software.

  • Emails now retain their intended formatting when syncing via Mailsync, keeping your communications clear and professional.

  • Eliminated unwarranted registration emails when signing up for SMS via Twilio for a smoother signup process.

  • Creating a new Item on a Time Entry record will now default to the first available option, instead of the 'Create Item' option.

  • Corrected an error when using Items with more than 10 characters in their Code value, ensuring smooth operations.

If you have any questions or need help, you can always reach out to us at!

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