Exclude $0 Billables from 'Billable' Status
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Keeping accurate records and being able to quickly find your matters is a crucial aspect of being successful when quickly managing your bills. Many firms track time, expenses or other billable records, even if there is no money amount associated to them.

PracticePanther has an option that will allow you to surface matters on your matters grid with the 'Billable' Status filter, even if they only contain $0 billable records.


By default, the 'Billable' Status for Matters in PracticePanther will only display on Matters that have a Billable record with an Amount > $0.

What's New?

With the new 'Exclude $0 Billables from 'Billable' Status', users can disable this option in the settings menu to have their matters with $0 billables display when filtering by the 'Billable' Status on the Matters grid.

If you are happy with how your billables display today, simply continue to use the program as you have been - $0 billables are excluded by default.

Enabling this Capability

  1. Navigate to Settings

  2. Company Settings

  3. Other Settings

  4. 'Exclude Matters with $0 Billables' - Option is set to Yes, which is the default behavior, Change it to No

​If you have any questions about this feature, you can always reach us at help@practicepanther.com!

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