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Setting a custom hourly rate for a matter.
Setting a custom hourly rate for a matter.

Changing your hourly rate on a per matter basis.

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Setting a custom hourly rate allows you to adjust your hourly rate for a particular matter in case you'd like to charge a client a different amount than the default hourly rate you have set here.

To set a custom hourly rate for a matter, follow these simple steps:

1) When creating or editing a matter, scroll down to the section titled “Billing.” 

2) Click on “User Default Rate” to display a drop down list, then select “Matter Custom Rate.”

3) Click on “+Add Custom Rate” and choose whether you'd like to set this rate for everyone in your firm, or a certain user or even based on a specific role of users.

4) Set the rate you'd like for this matter.

5) To add additional custom rates for multiple users on PracticePanther for this specific matter, repeat step 3.

6) Scroll to the bottom, and click "Save".

What happens now?

On future time entries for this matter, you will see your new custom hourly rate in place of the default rate set in your personal settings page.


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