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How to use the Originating Attorney Report in PracticePanther
How to use the Originating Attorney Report in PracticePanther

Creating Originating Attorney Report.

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The originating attorney report allows you to keep track of which attorney is bringing in which matters and payments into your firm.

To access your Originating Attorney Report, watch this video or follow these simple steps below:

1) When creating or editing a matter, make sure to select which attorney was responsible for bringing this matter into your firm.

2) Select “Reports”

3) On the left hand side click on “Payments", then scroll down and click "Originating Attorney Report".

4) Once here, select which user you'd like to see the report for by changing the "Revenue originated by" filter, as well as which date range you are interested in.

What happens now?

This report will show you a complete breakdown of where your firm's income is originating from. 

Pro Tip: If you want to see which attorney is specifically earning the most money for your firm from the work they bill, change "Originated by" to "Any user" and change the "Billed by" field to the attorney you're interested in tracking.

Note: With partially paid invoices, all payments are allocated evenly across all items on the invoice. For example: if an invoice has a payment of $100, and there are 5 entries on the invoice, each entry will receive an allocation of $20. 


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