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Integrating MailChimp with your PracticePanther account.

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The integration will allow you to sync all of your contacts from PracticePanther to MailChimp. Then, you can have MailChimp automatically send them emails based on what audience or "tag" they're in. This should help turn your leads into paying customers, help retain your customers for longer, and help stay on "top of mind" for more referrals.

If you haven't already added any tags in PracticePanther, you should first check out this helpful article as your Tags will sync over as "Audiences" in MailChimp.

To sync PracticePanther and MailChimp, follow these simple steps:

1) From your settings page, scroll down and click on "MailChimp" found in the integrations section, or click here

2) Change the "Active" field from No to Yes.

3) Enter the MailChimp API Key. Enter your "Audience ID" into the "Mailchimp List ID" field. Steps on how to get this information is detailed below.

*Note* If you select "Yes" for "Sync all existing contacts now" it will immediately sync all your existing contacts to MailChimp. If you have many contacts this can increase your pricing plan on MailChimp automatically, so be aware

To get your MailChimp API Key, click here or follow these simple steps:

1) In MailChimp, click your name on the top right, then click "Account".

2) Click on "Extras", then "API Keys".

3) Create a new key, and copy and paste the API Key into the API field on this page on PracticePanther.

To get your Audience ID follow these simple steps:

1) In MailChimp, click on "Audience" on the top.

2) Findand open the desired audience. 

Note: If you only have one audience, it may open the audience automatically.

3) Click "Manage Audience" and then click "Settings".

5) Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Copy and paste this Audience ID into the List ID field on this page in PracticePanther.

7) When syncing, we will add new contacts to the selected audience above. If you edit an existing contact in PracticePanther, it will also be added to the audience.

8) To find your groups, simply click "Manage Contacts" on the top of the audience, then click "Groups".

9) Then click "View Groups" to reveal all your PracticePanther tags.

10) This will allow you to send newsletters and email campaigns to your clients based on their tags. For example, you can send email campaigns to leads, clients, vendors, clients by practice area, or anything you can imagine and group by.

What happens now?

Once you have all your contacts and groups in MailChimp, you can begin sending them email campaigns. Easy! 

Contact us or MailChimp support for any questions.


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