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How do I apply an existing credit/trust balance/retainer to pay off outstanding invoices?
How do I apply an existing credit/trust balance/retainer to pay off outstanding invoices?

Applying an existing credit, trust balance, or retainer to pay off your outstanding invoices.

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Paying off an outstanding invoice from available trust money or credit is easy.

To start, please check to make sure there is available funds on the contact/matter you're interested in. To learn how to do this, check out this helpful article before continuing.

If your client has a trust or an operating retainer that you want to use to pay off an overdue invoice, follow these simple steps:

1) Open an invoice you'd like to pay that you know belongs to a contact/matter with an available retainer.

2) Click "Enter Payment" found on the top or under the "Actions" button.

Pro Tip:
If you hover over any invoice in a list, some options will appear. Clicking "Enter Payment" this way will also work.

3) Click "Use Retainer/Credit".

Note: If you do not have available funds in the trust or operating account for this client, this option will not appear.

4) Decide how much of the available trust or operating funds you'd like to use, then confirm the same amount in the "Amount to Pay" field for that invoice.

5) Click "Apply Credit(s)".

What happens now?

The applied funds will appear on the invoice in the subtotal section on the bottom right as seen below. You can unapply these payments any time by simply clicking the blue garbage can next to the listed payment.

Note: If you unapply a credit payment from the invoice, you will still need to delete the listed payments inside the contact/matter. 

To do this:

1)  Click the check boxes found to the left of the payments with the "Transfer to" descriptions.

2) Click the blue gear found on top of the list, then "Delete".


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