DISCLAIMER: When adding line items directly to an invoice PracticePanther will not create a new time entry/expense record back on the matter. This means items created this way will not appear in your time entry or expense reports. As a result, these line items are best used for writing off specific portions of your invoices.

To learn how to create a new line item that DOES create a brand new record on the matter, follow this guide instead.

To add your own line item without creating a record on the matter, follow these simple steps below:

1) Create a new invoice, or go to your "Invoices" tab and edit the invoice you wish to add a line item to.

2) Hit the "+Time Entry" and select the "+New Line Entry". Note: You can also add new items to the "Expense" or "Flat Fees" section.

3) Enter the information throughout the line item entry as needed. Note: To write off this line item from the invoice, insure that the "Hours" or "Qty" columns say "-1".

4) Save the invoice.


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