You can send your invoices to multiple contacts if needed. This allows any of these contacts to contribute to paying off the invoice's balance.

Please make sure to review the contact custom field article.

To send the invoice to additional contacts, watch this video or follow the simple steps below:

1) Create a contact custom field for your contacts on this page. You can name this field "Additional Invoice Recipient" for example.

2) When editing or creating a contact, you can use this new field to link your client with the additional person you'd like to send invoices to.

3) Save your contact.

4) After having generated the invoice, click on "Send". 

5) Click on the "To" field, and select the additional contacts from the drop-down menu.

6) Click "Email".

What Happens Now?

The client will receive an email, detailing their invoice and a link that will take them to their final invoice to pay or review.


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