Before you batch invoice for the new billable work you've done for your current clients, you may want to generate account statements for all of your clients that still owe you money but have no new billable work to invoice.

To create account statements for all matters that are overdue on invoices, follow these simple steps:

1) On the "Invoices" page, click "New" then "Multiple Invoices".

2) Using the filters on the top, make sure "Status" is set to "Any".

3) Click the 3 dots located directly to the right of the "Operating" column. A dropdown should appear.

4) Click "Filter".

5) Change "Show items with value that:" field to "is less than" and make the amount "0".

What does this do?

This will show you only a list of matters with a negative operating balance. In other words, this will show you all matters with owed balances/unpaid invoices.

6) Check off all the matters (or those desired) on the left.

7) Click "Select Options".

8) On the options page on the bottom, make sure "Add all unpaid balances" and "Include non-billable matters?" is marked "Yes".

What happens now?

You will have new invoices / account statements showing every past due invoice and the total your client owes you.


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