PracticePanther allows you to generate multiple invoices with the click of a button.

Please watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) Click the white "New" button found on the top of PracticePanther, then select "Invoice".

2) Select "Multiple Invoices". 

3) Choose which matters you would like to generate invoices for. 

4) Click "Select Option(s)".

5) Set the date range, issue date, due date, invoice template, and add your notes and or terms and conditions for all the invoices. 

Pro Tip: Set "Email Invoices to Clients" to "Yes" to automatically send the invoices to your contact's email after they've been generated.

6) Apply the relevant payment options to the invoices.

Note: By enabling "Include non-billable matters", PracticePanther will also generate invoices for selected matters that don't have new billable items. 

7) Click on "Create Invoice" on the bottom right to begin the generation process.

What happens now?

PracticePanther will leave you on the invoices page and begin generating invoices for all selected matters on the back end. You may not see all your invoices appear immediately, as it can often be processing large amounts of information.

Simply refresh the webpage (or leave the invoices page and come back) every few minutes to see more and more invoices appear.

Note: This back-end process will not stop you from continuing to work on PracticePanther. 


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