PracticePanther is proud to release one of our biggest updates for invoices in company history. Please read below to learn how you can save even more time and get paid faster!

Below you will find a start to finish tutorial covering everything you will need to know regarding our new invoice update. Jump to the topic of interest by clicking on a title in the index below. 

  1. Retroactively Update Time Entry and Expense Records.
  2. Automatically Request Additional Retainer on your Invoices using Evergreen Retainer.
  3. Save a Payment Method via LawPay to be used as needed.

Retroactively update time entry and expense records

In the past, changes on invoices only effected the invoice itself, and users would need to edit time entries and expenses on the matter individually to see those changes reflected.

Now, you can edit or delete existing time entries/expenses, or even create brand new time entries/expenses from the invoice.

1) When generating/editing an invoice, click "+Time Entry" and "New Time Entry" to create a brand new time entry that will also save on the matter.

2) Click "New Line Item" if instead you want the item to only exist on this invoice. This is best used in cases where you'd like to create a write off as a line item as seen below.

3) Clicking the trash can icon will give you the option to delete this item only from the invoice, or delete the entire record from the matter as well.

4) Clicking the pencil icon will allow you to make a hard change both on the invoice, as well as on the record back on the matter.

5) If you'd like to make a change that only reflects on this invoice, simply click into the field you'd wish to change instead. Note: these changes will NOT reflect back on the entry on the matter.

6) You can now rearrange the items on your invoices simply by dragging and dropping the up and down arrows to the desired destination.

Automatically request additional retainer on your invoices using evergreen retainer

1) When creating or editing a matter, turn on "Evergreen Retainer".
2) Enter the amount of retainer you wish to maintain for this case.
3) Turn on "Add Retainer to Invoice".
4) Save the matter.

When your invoice reduces the available retainer below the desired Evergreen Amount, a new item called "Retainer" will appear in the sub total section, requesting the necessary retainer payment. 

Note: When the invoice gets paid, the retainer portion of the invoice will be added as credit into the client's "Operating Account". If you'd like this to be in the trust, simply transfer the funds by following this guide.

Save a payment method via LawPay to be used as needed.

1) In a contact or matter, click the "Payment Methods" tab.
2) Click "New Payment Method".

3) Enter the card information you'd like to save.

4) Enter the billing address information and click "Save".

5) When paying an invoice via credit card, make sure "Stored Payment Method" is selected.
6) Select the desired payment method.
7) Click "Pay Now" to charge this card.


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