You can customize the "Notes" and "Terms & Conditions" sections of your invoices to include any specific information about a given client or matter automatically. You can plug in information about the client using our native fields, or click here to learn how you can create your own custom fields to pick from as well.

To customize your invoices with client or matter specific information, follow the steps below:

1) In your Settings page, click "Invoice Options", or click here.

2) Click "Edit" under the desired invoice template.

3) This is where you can set your default "Terms & Conditions" and "Notes" sections for all your invoices.

4) Click the "Add Fields" drop down list to reveal all contact and matter fields currently in PracticePanther. This drop down includes any custom field you've made here. For a quick guide on building custom fields, click here.

5) Write out exactly what you want each section to say, using the merge codes from the drop down list as needed. Once completed, your "Terms & Conditions" could look something like this (but the possibilities are endless):

6) You can even decide if you want these sections to appear on the top or bottom of your invoice.

7) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save".

What happens now?

The next time you generate an invoice, it will automatically pull the information out of the fields you selected and plug them into the "Terms & Conditions" in place of the merge codes. If there is no information to pull, it will simply remain blank instead.


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