You can easily add (custom) fields to the notes, and terms and conditions of an invoice. This can be useful if you would like the notes/terms and conditions to reflect a changing variable, like an amount that has already been paid by a specific client. 

You can add these fields on the individual invoice, or in your settings (invoice options), if you would like to set them as defaults. 

To add (custom) fields to your invoice, watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to "Settings".

2) Click "Invoice Options".

3) Click "Edit" under the desired template or create a new template.

4) In the Notes and or Terms & Conditions text boxes, select the field you would like to pull the information from. 

5) Add your notes and or terms & conditions, and hit "Save" at the bottom of the page. 

What happens now?

The Notes and or Terms & Conditions will reflect the custom information, based on the selected field. 


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