Below is a quick list of our 8 most recent updates. Please enjoy!

1. iPhone App Update

Updated interface of our mobile app for iPhone users to include a navigation footer on the bottom of the screen, allowing users to more easily go back a page, refresh or go back to the dashboard in just one click!

2. Private Events, Tasks & Notes

Now you'll be able to hide details about an activity from other users if desired. Select "Private" when creating or editing an activity to enable it. Private activities on your calendar and activities list will still appear to other users, but their details will be hidden!

What other users will see when looking at your private events:

3. Additional Options When Creating Repeating Activities

Repeating activities can now repeat on a specific week of the month! Choose the week of this month to start the activity, then select the corresponding repeat option provided!

4. Default Activity Reminders

Want to use the same reminders for all of your activities, but tired of setting them up? Now you can save your reminders to have them auto-populate for the next event or task you create!

5. Additional Batch Options for editing Flat Fees. 

6. Updates to the subscription page.

7. Send updates to participants in events whenever someone makes changes to the event.

8. Added a "billed-by" field for Payment Plans, which will automatically create flat fees, allowing for additional reporting features


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