The PracticePanther Chrome Extension will allow you to quickly create items and search for anything within PracticePanther, from any website while you browse through Google Chrome.

To install the PracticePanther Chrome Extension on Google Chrome, follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to the "Chrome Web Store".

2) Search for "PracticePanther".

3) Click "Add to Chrome".

4) Click "Add Extension".

What happens now?

Google Chrome will now download and install the PracticePanther Chrome Extension.

Your newly installed extension will now serve as a "New" button, outside of PracticePanther. After clicking on the extension, you'll have a list of items that you can click to instantly jump into PracticePanther and create that item.

You also have the search bar available to you, allowing you to search all of your PracticePanther records instantly.


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