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Automated email campaigns with MailChimp
Automated email campaigns with MailChimp

Using email campaigns with our MailChimp integration.

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Required Plan: This feature is available on our Essential and Business plans. Click here to read more on our available plans.

MailChimp may be our most powerful integration to date. This article will detail how you can easily setup an email campaign and set it to automatically start the minute you save a new contact in PracticePanther. 

Before reading on, please review the following two articles if needed:

To setup automated email campaigns with MailChimp, follow the steps below:

1) Integrate PracticePanther and MailChimp following the steps in this article.

2) On the MailChimp dashboard, click on "Campaigns".

3) Click on "Create Campaign".

4) Select "Create an Email".

5) Select on "Automated", and click on "Custom".

6) Give your campaign a name, select the list you have integrated with PracticePanther from the dropdown list (this will most likely be your company's name), and click on "Begin".

7) Click “Edit Trigger”. This will allow you to select the desired time frame on how soon to send this automated e-mail. 

8) You can select hours, days, weeks or even “immediately” to send an e-mail without delay.

9) The “Select Grouping” drop down will display all tags you currently have in PracticePanther. 

10) From this list, select which PracticePanther tag you would like to setup an automated email campaign for.

11) Once you’re satisfied with your settings, click “Update Trigger” on the top right.

12) Click “Design Email” and design your first email for this campaign.

Below is an example email designed to immediately email new clients added to the "Website" tag in PracticePanther.

13) Repeat steps 5-9 for each email you wish this campaign to have.

14) Once you're satisfied with your email campaign, click “Next” on the bottom right.

15) This page will do a quick conflict check to see if there are any issues with the emails you’ve designed. If you have no issues, you can click “Start Workflow” on the bottom right.

What happens now?

Anytime you create a contact with a valid email address in PracticePanther with the tag you selected in your MailChimp automation, they will automatically begin to receive the emails you designed. 

In my below example, I created an automation to immediately email any new contacts saved with the tag “Website”.


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