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Adding company contacts to document templates
Adding company contacts to document templates

Adding secondary contact information onto document templates.

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Required Plan: This feature appears on all of our available plans!

Before reading this tutorial, please review this article on how to create contact type custom fields. Be sure to create at least one contact type custom field for each person within your companies.

To add information about secondary contacts in a company to your document templates, follow these steps:

When initially creating a new contact:

 1) Select the green "Add a company" towards the top left corner of your screen and fill out the information.

2) Now scroll down and select the green "Add another contact to this company" and input the contact's information. 

3) Click "Save" at the bottom.

After you've saved the company or if you already have an existing company:

4) Edit the company.

5) Locate your contact type custom field you have within your primary contact. In our example, we have it listed as "Spouse."

6) Select the secondary contact in this custom field. In our example, Melinda Gates is the spouse to Bill Gates.

What happens now?

Now you will see the merge code within "Templates" inside of the "Contact" tab.

Click here to learn how to incorporate information from these secondary contacts into your document templates.


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