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The software is stuck, frozen, or lagging...
The software is stuck, frozen, or lagging...

Is your system running slow?

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PracticePanther is a completely online service that uses your web browser to access your information stored on our servers. As such, there are only a handful of situations which may cause you to experience slowness:

1) Something on your page isn't loading as you expected.

Solution: Refresh your web page by clicking the refresh button located near your browser's URL address bar. Alternatively, you can click in to the website URL and click "Enter" or "Return" on your keyboard.
Note: This should resolve most slowness issues you may be experiencing. 

2) You receive an internet connectivity error.

Solution: Disconnect your router from power for 30 seconds, then plug it back in and try again. Alternatively, you'll want to contact an IT person or your internet service provider for additional assistance with this.

3) You click on a contact, a matter, or any individual item and receive this error.

Solution: This simply means the item you clicked on has been deleted. The best way to fix this issue is to click here to enter your recycle bin, search for the deleted item, and restore it.

4) We may be doing a system update or be undergoing server maintenance. We typically only do this on the weekends or after business hours. 

Solution: Click here to check the status of our servers anytime. Email our support team using or call us at 1.800.856.8729 for additional server updates.

Note: PracticePanther has had 99.9% up-time for the entire year of 2017 thus far!


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