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Court Rules Integration FAQ

All you need to know about our Court Rules/ LawToolBox integration.

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Missing deadlines are the number 1 cause of malpractice, even though most attorneys have their staff manually calculating and adding deadlines to calendars one at a time, which is a very time consuming process. 

If you don’t have an electronic calendaring system, this qualifies you for a the maximum discount on malpractice insurance (which can sometimes pay for the cost of LawToolBox!).  It's extremely easy to implement and get started right away. 

The best part is, you can try it completely free for 5 court rule calculations to see how it works so you can get more done in less time.

How will this help my firm?

Simple - it will save you hours each month, and protect you from missed deadlines and malpractice claims. By automatically calculating court deadlines, you automate your firm so you can get more done in less time.

How do I try it for free?

Click here to try it for free for up to 5 court rule calculations:

When you use all your 5 free calculations, LawToolBox will contact you to setup your account for continued use. If they do not hear back from you within 7 days, the trial will end.

What does it cost, and how do I signup for a paid version with 20 rulesets and unlimited calculations?

  • Simply call LawToolBox at 1-888-958-6657.

  • The paid version includes 20 rule-sets (for 20 different jurisdictions) with unlimited deadline calculations. If you need more, please call.

  • When you add another person to PracticePanther, it will automatically add and charge for another person in LawToolBox as well.

The cost is broken down by firm size:

  • 1 person: $39/person/mo. or $36/person/mo. annually.

  • 2-10 people: $35/person/month or $29/person/month paid annually.

  • 10-19 people: $33/person/month or $27/person/month paid annually.

  • More than 20 people: $25/person/month or $19/person/month paid annually.

What if I would like to request a Specialty rule-set for a new practice not currently included in the list of rulesets?

LawToolBox has the ability to surface custom-built rulesets (deadline calculators) for a specific firm. LawToolBox provides a Build-Your-Own Ruleset form for end-users to request a ruleset. 

LawToolBox can activate rule-sets to appear in only that firm’s “ruleset” list. In some cases, if LawToolBox believes there is value in offering the new ruleset to other customers, LawToolBox will not even charge for a build-your-own ruleset. 

In other cases, if the ruleset is specific to the firm and/or can’t be offered to other firms, LawToolBox can build the calculator but will charge a fee based on an hourly rate to build and surface this ruleset for that firm.


Who needs rule-based calendaring?

  • Law firms: Law firms need to manage deadlines more efficiently so that they can spend time on substantive issue that will win or lose litigation.  

  • Legal departments: Legal departments want to track deadlines in matters they are managing, or they want to double-check work performed by outside counsel (e.g., the law firms they hire to manage their litigation).  

  • Other targets industries: Government agencies, insurance companies, and regulated industries. 

 If I change a date will the deadlines update in my case management system?

Yes! When you recalculate a deadline, like a “Trial Date”, and you reimport it into your calendar, the out-of-date deadlines will be updated and moved on your calendar.

Where do I go to edit a deadline? 

Once you bring a deadline into your case management system, it is yours. You can edit it and do with it what you like. Just remember that if you move the trigger date that the dependent deadline is connected to it will be recalculated and overwritten if you choose to update your calendar with the updated deadline.

If a deadline lands on a weekend or court holiday, how does LawToolBox handle this?

When a deadline is calculated in calendar days it can sometimes land on a weekend or court holiday. Our software then tells it whether to “roll” that deadline forward or backwards to the “next” business day. In some venues like California, discovery deadlines roll towards trial, but other deadlines roll away from trial.

Can LawToolBox accommodate mail rule deadlines?

Yes they can! Mail rule a common term used to describe that 3 days are added to the deadline when the trigger pleading is served by mail (there are many versions of this that add different numbers of days depending on whether the legal paper was served by fax, electronically, by hand, etc).


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