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Court Rules / LawToolBox integration tutorial
Court Rules / LawToolBox integration tutorial

Integrate automated court rule deadlines into PracticePanther.

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Missing deadlines are the number 1 cause of malpractice, even though most attorneys have their staff manually calculating and adding deadlines to calendars one at a time, which is a very time consuming process. 

If you don’t have an electronic calendaring system, this qualifies you for the maximum discount on malpractice insurance (which can sometimes pay for the cost of LawToolBox!).  It's extremely easy to implement and get started right away. 

The best part is, you can try it completely free for 5 court rule calculations to see how it works so you can get more done in less time.

To activate and use our court rules integration with LawToolBox, watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) Click here, or navigate to your settings page and click on "Court Rules" under the "Integrations" section.

2) Click "Sign Up".

3) Fill out the necessary information. 

4) Select a plan.
This cost is separate from your PracticePanther subscription.

5) Read through the terms of service and click "Send Details to LawToolBox".

6) Pick which state and rule-set you'd like to add. Then click "Add Rule-Set".

7) In any matter, click the green "New" button, then click "Court Rule".

8) Insure you've selected the correct contact and matter.

9) Choose the rule-set you'd like to use.

10) Choose which triggering event you'd like to base the deadlines on.

11) Enter the trigger date, and click "Get Deadlines".

12) Decide specifically which deadlines you'd like to use in this rule-set.
Note: By default, they will all be checked.

13) Decide who should be assigned to these events, and if you'd like any reminders for them.

14) Click "Create Events".

What happens now?

All the checked deadlines will appear as events in your activities tab. If you need to update the trigger date at any point, simply click "Court Rule" from the options that appear when you hover over the event. 

This will bring up the court rule window again. If you change the trigger date here and click "Get Deadlines", you will be able to update all pre-existing deadlines with their new deadline dates. 

Note: If you click "Delete", all events tied to this court rule will delete as well.


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