Integrating DocuSign with Box

Allow your clients to sign document digitally through DocuSign.

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You can share and send documents (to be signed) directly from a contact or a matter in PracticePanther, with the DocuSign integration for Box. It's recommended to create a free trial account with DocuSign before continuing. To create your DocuSign account click here. Another alternative to DocuSign is EchoSign.

To send documents through DocuSign, see the steps below:

1) In Box (in PracticePanther), right-click on the document that needs to be signed, and under "Integrations", select "Send with DocuSign". 

2) You'll be asked to confirm that you would like to proceed to DocuSign, click "OK". 

3) Log into your DocuSign account, or if you don't have an account, sign up for the free trial. 

4) Box will once again ask you to login. 

5) DocuSign will load, and you can add your recipients on the top-left. 

6) When adding recipients, make sure to specify the signing order, and the action each recipient needs to take. 

7) Once all the recipients have been added, select your recipient (on the top-left), and drag/drop the specific fields they need to fill out onto your document (i.e. the signature field in the screenshot below, is for David Silberberg only). 

Notice that each recipient has its own color and signature field.  

8) Hit "Send" when you've completed the document. The signed document is saved back to Box and DocuSign.

What happens now? 

1) The recipient(s) will receive an email, with the link to sign the document (the link can be opened on their phone as well). 

2) The recipient(s) will click on their signature field to sign. 

3) The recipient(s) will select a template signature or draw their signature, and click on "Adopt and Sign".

4) The recipient(s) will see the signed document, and then click on "Finish". 

5) As soon as your client opens and/or signs the document, you (the sender) will be notified via email. 

6) You'll find your signed document in Box, as a copy of the original (unsigned) document. 


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