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How do we improve as a software and as a company?
How do we improve as a software and as a company?

A great company never stops innovating.

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PracticePanther's pride and joy stems from how receptive everyone on our team is to your direct feedback. There are two main methods you can use to provide us with feedback to help shape the future for all PraticePanther members.

Quarterly Survey

30 days after subscribing, and every 3 months thereafter, you'll have a small survey appear on the bottom of your screen asking one simple question: "How likely are you to refer a friend to PracticePanther?"

This survey is extremely important to us, as it provides you with a window to give us a quick comment about your current PracticePanther experience. These comments are archived and reviewed directly by our customer success team. If there's anything we can do to better your experience, we'll reach out to you right away!

Feature Requests & Updates

PracticePanther boasts an incredible amount of new features and updates every few weeks (that you can see here). This is a big reason why PracticePanther's become one of the fastest growing practice management programs on the market.

Have a cool idea? To submit your own feature request, simply click the blue bubble found on the bottom right of every page on PracticePanther.

This conversation is your gateway to communicating with our support and development teams. Simply label the conversation as a "Feature request", and send us your idea!Β 

What happens now?

If there is a way to achieve what you're looking for within PracticePanther right now, our tech team will reply back letting you know. If needed, they can even schedule you for a 1-on-1 training at a time that's best for you!

If there is no method to do what you've requested, we will thank you for the feedback and escalate the request to our development team for review. These requests are extensively reviewed once every 3 months. Requests with the most votes and will benefit the most people will be pushed through to the development team's pipeline.

If a feature you've requested gets developed, we will notify you right away!

To stay as up to date as possible on all of our newest features, check out our updates page here anytime. Thank you so much for helping make PracticePanther the most user friendly, intuitive, and secure practice management platforms worldwide.


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