Disclaimer: We highly advise that you consult with an IT professional if you choose to integrate an intake form onto your website yourself. Please note that PracticePanther is not responsible for any discrepancies that may occur on your website due to this integration process.

Business Plan Only: If you don't have IT personnel available, feel free to schedule a call with our implementation specialist on this page. Please make sure that you have access to your WordPress dashboard before scheduling the call. 

Integrating intake forms onto your website is relatively simple, as long as you have access to your WordPress dashboard. If you're not using a WordPress website, we recommend reaching out to your developer/IT person to implement it for you. 

Before continuing with the steps below, make sure that you know how to create an intake form (and have the form you would like to integrate onto your website completed). To see how to create an intake form, click here

1) Go to the intake form page (automation > Intake Forms), and select "New Intake". 

2) Select the intake form you would like to integrate. 

3) Select the "Embed" tab, and copy the HTML code you see in the field. 

4) Log into your WordPress dashboard, and select the page on which you would like to integrate the intake form. 

5) Click on the "Text" tab, and paste the the HTML code you copied in step 3 in the large text field. 

What happens now? 

Your intake form is now directly accessible, and can be filled out, from your website. 


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