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Automatically email your clients after they submit an intake form via MailChimp
Automatically email your clients after they submit an intake form via MailChimp

Send automated emails to contacts that fill out your intake form.

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Before reading this article please make sure you completed this steps:

Created an intake form -  Learn how to here.
Setup MailChimp integration with PracticePanther - Learn how to here.

After a new client signs up using your intake form you might want to send an email to follow up. Thanks to PracticePanther integration with MailChimp now it is easier than ever to do so. Just follow these simple steps to start sending automatic emails to your new clients after they fill out your intake form.

To setup an automated email for your intake forms, watch this video or follow these simple steps below:

1) Make sure that at least one client has submitted an intake form. Notice that they're tagged with the "intake" tag and this tag is named after the name of your intake form.

Note: You may also submit the form yourself and create a test contact instead.

2) The tag will appear under the contact's name in your contacts list in PracticePanther.

3) In MailChimp, click "Create Campaign".

4) Select "Create an Email".

5) Go to the "Automated" tab and select "Custom".

6) Select "Edit Trigger" to edit which PracticePanther tag is going to automatically be sent in this campaign.

7) Change the delay to "Immediately" from the drop down menu (or choose any time frame desired), then hit "Change trigger".

8) Select the "List management" tab, and then select "Joins list group".

9) Select the "Intake - New Intake form".
10) When your satisfied with the selected tag and delay, click "Update Trigger" on the top right. 

What happens now?

Now you'll be able to create an email campaign in MailChimp that will automatically send a follow up email once the intake form is completed to those contacts tagged with the desired intake form tag.


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