Zapier allows two softwares that ordinarily can't speak to each other to connect in an amazing fashion. Build automations called "Zaps" between PracticePanther and your favorite software. 

Not an IT expert? No problem! Zapier (like PracticePanther) is built to be very user friendly so anyone can pick it up and start Zapping!

We can do so much more with PracticePanther by connecting it to the other apps we use, like Evernote, Toggl and Todoist, to automate the tedious tasks in our workflow.

Note: Zapier must already be connected to the software of your choice in order to build a Zap with them. 

To see if Zapier connects to your favorite software, click here, then type in the name of any software into the search bar. 

Zapier offers many plans, including a free plan. However if we want to use any "Premium" apps, we'll need a paid plan with Zapier found here.

Clicking on our favorite apps will bring up a few examples to get us started and show us what's possible through Zaps.

Important terms to Know:

Zap: The connection between one application and another on Zapier.
Trigger: The app that is chosen to be the start of a Zap. "When this happens..."
Action: The app that is chosen to be the end of a Zap. " this."

Get started on your first Zap now!

Create a new Notebook in EverNote anytime you create a matter in PracticePanther
Create Boards in Trello anytime you create a matter in PracticePanther

Find out more about PracticePanther's integration with Zapier

Learn how to integrate with Google Drive


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