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Syncing Google Drive PracticePanther.

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Required Plan: This feature is available on our Essential and Business plans. Click here to read more on our available plans.

Google Drive is one of the most used and trusted document storage systems on the market. 

Connecting your Google Drive account to PracticePanther will automatically generate folders in Google Drive immediately after you create a contact in PracticePanther. If that contact has a matter, then the contact folder will contain a folder for that matter within it.

To connect your Google Drive account to PracticePanther, follow these simple steps:

1) In your Settings page, scroll down to the "Integrations" section and click on "Files & Documents", or click here.

2) Click "Connect" under "Google Drive".

3) Log in to your Google account if needed, then click "Next".

4) Click "Allow".

What happens now?

You should see a red "Disconnect" button under "Google Drive". 

In a contact, you can now click on the "Files" tab to see all relevant files for this contact. This tab will also contain folders automatically for any matters belonging to this contact.

When you select a file or folder, you will have options available to you on the top left of the panel. These options include:

  • Create a new folder.

  • Rename the selected item.

  • Move the selected item.

  • Copy the selected item to add it to your clipboard and paste in another location.

  • Delete the selected item.

  • Refresh the page.

  • Download the selected item.

You can also choose to click on "Open in Google Drive" at any time to view this folder there instead.

From the contact's page, if you open one of the matter folders, you will see it's contents. In it will also be a folder with an arrow pointing up. Double clicking on this will return you to the previous folder.

To add a document or any other file to the folder you're in, simply drag and drop it from your computer's folder into the screen. Alternatively, you can select the "Browse" button on the bottom right and select the file from the window that pops up.

Pro-Tip: You can also choose to download Google Drive on your computer. This would allow you to access and manage all the same folders from your computer directly. Any changes you make in PracticePanther, in Google Drive, or from your computer will update everywhere, allowing you to see the same folders and documents no matter which platform you're using!

You can easily use this program to initially save new documents into the case folder and save to PracticePanther instantly!

  • To download Google Drive, click here. You can choose to download Google's "Backup and Sync" or "Drive File Stream", depending on which program better fits your needs.

Back in PracticePanther, in the files tab, you have a search bar on the top right. This search bar is searching all titles of files in this folder. Use it to quickly find a document you know the name of!

Note: For security purposes, if you are in the files tab of a specific matter, you will not have access to navigating to the other folders for this contact. To navigate to any folder belonging to this contact, view the files tab from the contact's page instead of the matter's page.

Over in Google Drive, you will see the exact same folder structures setup as seen above. Feel free to manage your documents wherever you are most comfortable, whether it's in Google Drive, the Google Drive sync on your computer, or in PracticePanther directly!

IMPORTANT: Please do not move or rename the PracticePanther folder or any of the contact or matter folders within the PracticePanther folder. Additionally, only the user who initially connected their Google Drive account to PracticePanther should disconnect/connect the integration. If someone besides the initial user disconnects/reconnects the integration, this can cause an additional PracticePanther folder to appear. If you are unsure who the initial user was, you can check who the owner of the PracticePanther folder is within Google Drive.

Note: In order for your additional users to see the files tab within their PracticePanther accounts, you must share the main "PracticePanther" folder in your Google Drive with their Google Drive accounts.


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