Capitalizing document template fields

Making the information in document templates populate capitalized.

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When creating and formatting your document templates, you want to be very careful when handling the template field codes. Altering them slightly in the wrong way will break the code. For more information on creating document templates, click here.

Using options in Word, you can format a template field to come out capitalized after generating the appropriate info.

Note: Simply retyping a template field code in all upper-case will effectively break it. The method below will keep your template fields intact and functional.

To capitalize generated template field information, watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) Open your desired document, and highlight the template field that you'd like capitalized upon generation.

2) Within the "Font" section, click the "Font" button.

3) Click "All caps".

​Pro Tip: You can also set other font settings here to customize how the text will look once the document is generated.

4) Click "OK".

What happens now?

The template field will be capitalized. Upon generation, the information that populates that template field will be capitalized.


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