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What data do we track?

A complete list of data PracticePanther collects about members.

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When you create an account with PracticePanther, we automatically track certain standard data fields on users which are core to our service. You can request to see any of this data about you and your firm any time by clicking here.

Data we gather

Information you have provided us with

This might be your e-mail address, name, firm name, phone number, billing address, last 4 digits of your credit card, etc – This is mainly information that is necessary for delivering you the software as a service, or to enhance your customer experience with us. We save the information you provide us with in order for you to comment or perform other activities on the website. This information includes, for example, your name and e-mail address.

Information automatically collected about you
This includes information that is automatically stored by cookies and other session tools. For example, your IP address, your visiting history (when you first came to our website, your last time on our website, the pages you visited, how you found our website) etc. This information is used to improve your customer experience. When you use our services or look at the contents of our website, this information is saved.

Information from our partners
We gather information from our trusted partners with confirmation that they have legal grounds to share that information with us. This is either information you have provided them directly with or that they have gathered about you on other legal grounds.

Publicly available information
We might gather information about you that is publicly available, for example your social media profiles, website, firm address, etc.

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