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Invoice for a specific date range
Invoice for a specific date range

How to charge your clients for time entries and expenses with specific date ranges.

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By default, when generating invoices, PracticePanther will always set the date range to all time, capturing all billable items available. If needed, you can edit the date range filter to charge monthly, bi-monthly, or however else you wish.

Please note that the batch billing feature is only available within our Essential and Business subscription plans. To find out more regarding our plans, please click here.

To edit the date range when generating one invoice, watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) Open the desired contact or matter, and then click "Generate Invoice".

2) Click "All Time".

3) Select the date range that you would like to charge for.

What happens now?

Now, when you generate your invoice, only billable time entries and expenses that fall within the set date range will appear on your invoice.

In this example, it is July 5th and we want to invoice only for the month of June. This way, no new entries from July would be included.

Pro Tip: You can also choose a specific date range when generating multiple invoices at once. The "Date Range" filter will appear during the "Select Options" step.

To view our invoicing tutorial, click here.
To view our batch invoicing tutorial, click here.


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