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How do I review ROI for referrals using tags?
How do I review ROI for referrals using tags?

How to see a Return on Investment report for your referral sources.

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Using tags, we can run a report to see your ROI (Return On Investment) for matters coming from specific referral sources. 

All that is needed, is for referral sources to be logged by using tags.

To learn more about tags, click here.

To run a ROI report on specific referral sources, follow the steps below:

1) Click "More", and then click "Payments".

2) Click "Select Bank Account" and click your Operating Account.

3) Click "Tags". Click "Contact Tags" or "Matter Tags", depending on where you assigned the referral source tag.

4) Click the desired referral source tag. In this example, we'll look at Avvo's referrals.

5) In this example, we'll change the "Date Range" filter to focus on last month.

What happens now?

We will now see a list showing money spent on Avvo's matters as Expenses, and all money made from Avvo's cases as Payments.

At the bottom, you'll see the amounts of all the items summed up. This is the total amount of profit you have earned from matters referred to you by the referral source you chose earlier. In this example. Avvo's matters have profited a total of $10,400.

If your total amount turns negative, it may be time to find new referral sources!


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