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Properly Re-syncing Box with PracticePanther
Properly Re-syncing Box with PracticePanther

Learn how to reconnect your Box account to PracticePanther.

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If you find yourself experiencing a server 500 error or a different error stating difficulties connecting to Box when trying to access your files from any page on PracticePanther, it is likely that the sync between PracticePanther and Box is down. 

Here are instruction to re-establish the sync:

IMPORTANT: Only the Box administrator (or the individual that first established the sync to Box) can perform these steps. If you click the reconnect button on the files tab/page, you will receive a message explaining this. If you are NOT this administrator, please do not continue and contact your firm's admin to fix this issue.

1) Click on your name on the upper right corner and click on "Settings". 

2) Click on "Files & Documents". 

3) Click on "Cancel Sync". 

4) Sign into your account on

5) Visit the following link ( and look for the PracticePanther app. Delete the app by clicking on the "X" at the upper right corner of the app icon. You may not see a PracticePanther app. If this is the case, skip this step. 

6) Clicking on the "x" will give you the following prompt. Simply click on "Remove". 

7) Navigate back to the "Settings" page in PracticePanther, and head to "Files & Documents" page and click on "Start Syncing" found in the Box section. 

8) It will then prompt you to either: a) Log In, or b) Grant Access. If you have completed Step 4, you will only be asked to grant access. 

9) Once you have granted access to Box, allow PracticePanther to sync your files for the next 15 - 30 minutes.

What Happens Now?

Keep in mind, that although the sync may be down, this has no bearing on the integrity or availability of your files on Box's servers. During the downtime, you may elect to visit Box's website directly, or for those of you with the Box program that syncs files to your desktop computer, you may use the search bar to navigate the PracticePanther file structure and find the relevant files you need on your computer.


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