Sharing files in the client portal using Box

How to share files with your clients using Box.

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Through Box and the client portal, we can share exactly what we need to with our clients!

Note: Sharing files with too many people may cause your Box plan and pricing to increase. To learn more about Box's available plans and pricing, click here.

To share files with your client using Box, follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to the client you'd like to share files with.

2) Click "Files".

3) Click the file you'd like to share to select it.

4) Click "Share this Folder".

5) If you'd like your client to be able to edit the file(s), click "Invite Collaborators". If you'd like your client to view the file, click "Get Shared Link".

Note: If you clicked "Get Shared Link", continue following the steps below. If you clicked "Invite Collaborators", scroll down and follow the steps at the bottom.

6) Type in the email of your client(s) under "Email Shared Link", and then click "Send".

Note: You can also click "Copy" to copy and paste your link if you'd like to send it through somewhere other than email.

What happens now?

Your client will now receive an email with a link to the files you shared. They will be able to view and download the files. 

To download all the files at once, all your clients have to do is click "Download" on the upper right hand corner.

If you chose "Invite Collaborators" instead, follow the steps below:

  1. Type the email of your client(s) under "Invite" and press "Enter".

2) Click "Editor", and choose the permission level you'd like to give your client(s).

Pro-Tip: Click "Learn More" to view the what each permission level allows in detail,

3) Click "Send Invites".

What happens now?

Your client will now be able to log into Box and collaborate with you based on the permission level you chose earlier.

To learn more about sharing links to files, click here.
To learn more about inviting collaborators, click here.


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