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Track Your Team's Productivity with Tasks
Track Your Team's Productivity with Tasks
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PracticePanther tasks will always turn "Overdue" when the due date falls in the past. If you want to track how often your team falls behind, follow this simple guide to see what tasks were "Overdue" even AFTER they've been completed!

To track "Overdue" tasks even after completion, follow these simple steps:

Note This is a routine you can follow either every morning or every week.

1) Navigate to your "Activities" page using the navigation bar on the top.

2) Change the status filter to "Overdue", and the "Assigned To" filter to "Any User".

3) Scroll down to insure you have enough items per page to capture all currently overdue tasks. In this example, I switched to 1000 items per page to insure I captured everything.

4) Scroll back up and check the box on the top of the list to check all the boxes in one click.

5) A blue gear symbol should appear on the top of the list telling you how many items are selected. Click it, then click "Edit".

6) Turn "Add Tags?" to "Yes".
7) Type in the word "LATE", or any other phrase you'd like to use to signify tardiness.
8) Click the "Add new tag" button that appears below.
9) Check off the "I understand" box, then click "Save".

What happens now?

PracticePanther will run a batch operation to tag all of these overdue tasks with a "Late" tag. Now, the office administrator can use the following filters once a month (or however often your firm finds necessary) to see which users fall behind the most often. 

By adding the "Late" tag filter seen below, we will be given a list of all completed tasks that were ever "Overdue" in the past. This is an excellent technique to isolate the slow pokes in your firm so you can actively resolve any issues that may be slowing down these users.


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