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Editing documents in Box with Box Tools and Box Sync
Editing documents in Box with Box Tools and Box Sync

Allows you to use your PC software to make edits to documents in your Box.

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Making the process of editing our documents as streamlined as possible is key to being efficient in our practice. 

With Box you have ways of making these changes using the software that we use within our computer. 

Box Tools helps build that connection so updating our documents is as easy clicking "Save". 

To set this up:

1) Download Box Tools. You can do so by clicking here. (Mac)

2) Once downloaded, click on the downloaded file and follow through the prompts to install it. 

3) Now when you're in a document within Box or within our integration within PracticePanther, you click on "Open" and you'll see the option to open the file in your computer.

Note: Option image will change based on the file type.

What Happens Now? 

Now a prompt will show that the document is being opened and then your default software for the file type will open it up. 

At this point you can edit your documents as you would usually and you can just hit save within your software. 

When you hit save a prompt at the bottom right will confirm the saving of the document. 

Now that it's saved you can go back to box or PracticePanther and see all the changes made as you saved them. 

Box Sync

You may also install Box Sync which will allow the same functionality while allowing you to see your Box directory as Folders in your computer.

1) To download, click here. (Mac)

2) Open up the file and follow the prompts to install. 

3)  Type in your Box Credentials to log in.

What Happens Now?

Once installed and logged in. Give it a few minutes to sync the folder and you should now see a Box Folder within your computers directory. You can navigate through them and see the same folders that exist within box and can edit them with your preferred software installed on your computer. 


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