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Fixing the Mimetype error

Fix the Mimetype error with document templates.

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When creating a new document template, you may run into the following error:

This occurs due to your computer registering Microsoft Word documents in a specific format that PracticePanther can't recognize. All this would require to be resolved, is downloading a compatibility pack from Microsoft.

To resolve the Mimetype error and stop it from occurring in the future, follow the steps below:

1) Click here to navigate to the Southern Arkansas University page to download the Compatibility Pack.

Note: We have verified that this is a trusted source.

2) Open the downloaded file.

3) Click the checkbox to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms, and then click "Continue".

4) Once the installation is complete, click "OK".

5) Next, you will notice your Word and Excel files are now XML files. To switch these over, right-click on your Word or Excel file and choose the "Open With" option.

6) Choose either the Word or the Excel applications and make sure the checkbox below is checked.
​Note: If you cannot find the applications, click on More Apps and check there.

What happens now?

This will change the way that Word documents are now formatted on your computer. You can now upload a document template normally without facing the "Mimetype" error and your Word and Excel files will open with their respective programs.


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