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Track Company Events with Activity Tags
Track Company Events with Activity Tags

Utilize Activity Tags to reserve office space on your firm calendar.

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Many growing firms often experience a common struggle of using shared office spaces for meetings, meditations, consultations or even parties. When scheduling a meeting with a desired location, we recommend making use of "Activity Tags" to reserve the space.

For a quick overview on using tags, click here.

Reserving Office Space

To use "Activity Tags" to reserve office space, follow the steps below:

1) Create a new event.

2) Add a tag using the name of the desired location, then, click "Save". In this example, we're using "Conference Room 123".

That's it!

Now that you've reserved time in "Conference Room 123", lets take a look at how this looks on your firm's calendar.

Checking Office Space Availability

To review available times for office space, follow these simple steps:

1) Navigate to the calendar page here.

2) Make sure all the calendars are checked under the "Calendars" section to make sure that all calendar entries are included in your search.

Your calendar might look filled with many varying types of events.

3) To narrow down the view to see the availability of a conference room, click on the "Tags" filter found above the calendar.

4) Click into the "Activity Tags" field and select the conference room for which you'd like to see the availability.

5) Click "Filter".

What happens now?

You will see at exactly which times that room is currently available. Click into the empty space of your choice to create a new event and reserve your time!

If you'd like to see the availability of multiple office spaces at the same time, try using the tag filter type "Any" instead of "All". Then select all the rooms for which you'd like to review availability.

This search criteria will show you all events scheduled for all the rooms selected at the same time!


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