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Accept online payments from your clients to get paid faster.

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PantherPayments makes it so much easier for clients to pay you online! 

Below you will find a start to finish tutorial covering everything you need to get up and running in PantherPayments. Check out our index below for topics of interest. If you want to fast forward to a subject, just give it a click.


Set up PantherPayments

1) Click on your name at the top right of the screen and select "Settings".

2) Select "Accept Credit Card Payments" or click here.

3) Click "Activate For Free" to begin setting up your PantherPayments account.

During sign up, you'll need to have the following information handy:
1.) Business information
2.) Owner information
3.) Bank information

Once you've filled out the appropriate information, your application will be pending review. Most applications are approved by the PantherPayments team within 3 business days.

Allow invoices to be paid online

Edit or create a new invoice template here. Select the two online payments options flagged in the image below before Saving.

When paying an invoice or retainer payment request, clients will be given a drop down option to select their payment method. They can choose between "Credit Card" or "eCheck".

Choosing "eCheck" allows your client to link their bank account to PantherPayments. They'll be able to easily make secure payments without having to enter their account and routing numbers ever again.

Charge a card directly or send a payment request

Click "New Payment" from any contact or matter. 

Next, you can "Charge a Card" in person or one you stored on file or "Request a Payment" to email a link for your client to pay retainers on their own time. For more info on requesting a payment, click here!

Save a credit card on file

Store a credit card on file so you can charge it manually or automatically with a Payment Plan.

Click here to review how to save a Payment Method.

Payment Plans for Recurring Billing

The Payment Plan feature allows the firm to begin automatically receiving online payments either until a certain agreed upon date or agreed upon dollar amount has been paid. 

Click here to learn how to setup your first Payment Plan!

Give Refunds through PantherPayments

If an online payment was made with the new PantherPayments, you will have a new option available to you called "Refund". Refunding a payment will allow you to specify an amount of that payment that you would like to refund back to your client.

When refunded, a new payment named "Refund" will appear in your payments grid and your client will receive the funds in the original card or Electronic check bank account that was used to originally pay within 3-5 business days.





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