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Exporting Contact Custom Fields
Exporting Contact Custom Fields

Exporting your view of contact information, including custom fields!

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You've always been able to export a full list of your contacts to either Excel or PDF. Now, you can also export custom fields of your choosing from the Contacts page as well! This way, you can set up reports or information on the Contacts however you wish for your export.

Note: For a refresher on adding custom fields to your Contacts page, click here.

To export custom fields using the "Export View" option, follow the steps below:

1) Open the "Contacts" page and set the filter at the top left to "All Contacts".

2) Click "Choose Columns" and enable the custom fields you'd like to see exported.

3) Click "Export to PDF" or click "Export to Excel", and then click "Export View".

What happens now?

Your contacts are exported to PDF or Excel and will include all columns you enabled previously, including custom fields!


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