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How do I send out automated payment reminders to my clients?
How do I send out automated payment reminders to my clients?

Sending automatic payment reminders to your clients.

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Sometimes your clients will forget to pay their invoices and simply need to be reminded of their outstanding balances.

PracticePanther gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of invoice payment reminders to be sent before or after the invoice due date.ย 

To set your own payment reminders, watch the video or follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to "Settings".

2) Click "Invoice Reminders".

3) Click "New Payment Reminder".

4) Fill in the details. For each payment reminder, you can set a time to send the reminder, a subject name, and body of the message.

Pro Tip: You can also add more snippets to auto populate once the reminder is generated.

5) Click "Save".

What happens now?

Now whenever payment reminder settings are turned on, your client will receive your reminders at the designated times.

You can set the payment reminder setting for a specific contact when creating or editing them. Simply click "Change default settings" and you can toggle payment reminders to "Yes" or "No".

You can also set payment reminder settings for a specific invoice or creating or editing one. Under "Payment Options", you can set invoice payment reminders to "Yes" or "No".

To set a default setting for your payment reminders, go to "Invoice Options" in your "Settings", and set the default setting to "Yes" or "No".

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have an invoice that was made from 1 month ago, and today I make a new payment reminder to send 5 days after due date, will the system go back to all invoices older than 5 days and send those reminders, or is it only for new invoices?

No. It will not send payment reminders unless you specifically tell it to by navigating to the invoice and turning it on manually.
It also does not function if the Invoice Payment Reminders are put in place after an Invoice is sent out. The Invoice Payment Reminders need to be set up prior to Invoices being sent out.

When PracticePanther sends the payment reminder email, will there be a note on the invoice saying "invoice payment reminder sent"?

No. Instead, PracticePanther will save the sent reminder under the "Activities" section as an email.

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