1. Generate invoices on a set date (May 15 or May 31) in your old software to bill for all old time entries and expenses.

2) Apply all credits or trust account payments to the generated invoices. Some clients will still owe you money for their invoices.

3) Import all clients and matters into PracticePanther. Import the open balances for each matter. Some matters will have a positive balance if they still have money in their trust or operating account. Some matters will have a negative balance if they owe you money from the invoices you just generated.

4) Any new payments received should be entered into PracticePanther from now on.

5) Any new clients, matters, time entries, and everything should be entered into PracticePanther from now on.

6) Export all reports and data from your old software to have a backup. Keep 1 user active with your old software until you are comfortable closing everything down if you no longer need to access old data or old reports.

To learn more about importing your information into PracticePanther, be sure to check out the "Import" category found here.

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