Dropbox Integration Tutorial

Sync your Dropbox account with PracticePanther.

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Go paperless with Dropbox! Dropbox is a cloud storage service where you can store your important information and have access to them anywhere online. Taking this step is important today, because your documents are now protected using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), so you can rest assured your files are secured and easily accessible online!

Note: Dropbox Business is not fully compatible with PracticePanther. We recommend the regular version of Dropbox.

1) Go to the Files integration settings page.
2) Click Connect to Dropbox and login to your existing Dropbox account. Your files will begin to synchronize shortly.

3) Authorize PracticePanther to access your Dropbox account. Enter your email and password for your Dropbox.com account. Authorize and grant access PracticePanther to Dropbox.

4) PracticePanther and Dropbox will begin to sync.

A new folder called "PracticePanther" will appear in your Dropbox account. This folder will include folders for all your enabled contacts and matters.

IMPORTANT: Please do not move or rename the PracticePanther folder or any of the contact or matter folders within the PracticePanther folder. Additionally, only the user who initially connected their DropBox account to PracticePanther should disconnect/connect the integration. If someone besides the initial user disconnects/reconnects the integration, this can cause an additional PracticePanther folder to appear. If you are unsure who the initial user was, you can check who the owner of the PracticePanther folder is within DropBox.

Note: In order for your additional users to see the files tab within their PracticePanther accounts, you must share the main "PracticePanther" folder in your DropBox with their DropBox accounts.

5) Access your files through PracticePanther!

After the files finish syncing, they'll be accessible at the "Files" menu or contact/matter files tab.

What happens now?

Now that you have synced PracticePanther with Dropbox you will be able to:

  • Manage your case files in one place!

  • Easily upload files by clicking Open in Dropbox to upload your documents.


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