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Syncing your HIPAA compliant documents with PracticePanther.
Syncing your HIPAA compliant documents with PracticePanther.

Can I securely sync my files with my computer? Is it HIPAA compliant?

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PracticePanther has the highest security standards for your data and is integrated with in a secured and encrypted connection. is one of the most secure file storage providers for corporate and enterprise companies and are HIPAA compliant. When linked, it will automatically create a folder called PracticePanther on your computer, and sub-folders for each client and case. Anything saved in those folders will automatically be synced to the case folder in PracticePanther. There is a two-way automatic sync from your computer to the software and vice versa for any changes. You can even share a file with your client, send it to DocuSign for an electronic signature, and share it with others in your firm.

To get started with your file sharing integration click here for Box, and click here for DropBox.


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